DATE: August 31, 2011 3:37:54 PM CDT
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Lantern Lane Elementary Administrators Make Big Splash over TAKS 

FORT BEND ISD - To reward students for achieving improved scores on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) test, Lantern Lane Elementary School administrators, counselor and campus specialists agreed to get soaked in a dunking booth. Administrators challenged the students in grades 3-6 to pass the TAKS with a score of 80 or higher. The students met the challenge in the “ALL students” group and; so, they were rewarded with the celebratory event, sponsored by the school’s Parent-Teacher-Organization.

Additional grade-level challenge rewards included:

  • Third Grade – a teacher and administrator dance-off
  • Fourth Grade – Mrs. Lewis doing a back flip and teachers dying their hair funny colors
  • Fifth Grade – a pie in the face of teachers and teachers dancing the “Dougie” along the hallways
  • Sixth Grade – teachers singing a rap and dancing the “Jerk”
  • A PTO sponsored party for 3-6 grade levels

Photo 1: Dr. Yvette Blake, principal, managed to keep her sunny disposition in spite of being dunked.

LLE Dunk-1 

Photo 2: Tommy Bellard, assistant principal, mentally prepares himself for the chilling waters of the dunking booth.

LLE Dunk-2

Photo 3: Shown clockwise (from right) are: Jeni Thompson, 2010 PTO President; Aisha Allison, counselor; and Beth Howell, math specialist.

LLE Dunk-3

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